How to Get Your Kids to Lose Faith While in College


Some wise words from my friend Josh:

Christian moms and dads, do you want your babies to lose their faith when you send them to college? If so, here’s how you do it: Send them to college in defensive mode. Tell them that all of the philosophy and science professors there are the enemy and they have nothing to learn from them. Tell them that nothing they learn there is compatible with Christianity. Tell them that it is not possible to be an intellectually fulfilled believer who recognizes all truth is God’s truth. Drive them into a dilemma in which they feel they must choose between faith and reason rather than teaching the compatibility of the two. Create the false dichotomy between science and faith. Tell them that they should pursue an alternative science since modern science is a conspiracy against Christianity. Yeah, all that should just about do it.

It’s not what our kids face in college that causes them to leave the faith. It’s how we send them.

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