St Basil the Great: Homily on Faith

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Scholars are unable to date St Basil of Caesarea’s homily On Faith (De fide) with much accuracy. It appears to have been composed sometime between 365 and 375, with 372-375 being the most likely years, given the attention given to the person of the Spirit. The fourth century was a time of contentious debate about the nature of the Christian God, yet the homily is restrained, sober, and free from excessive polemic. De fide, Mark DelCogliano writes, “is one of the classic expressions of [Basil’s] Trinitarian doctrine” (On Christian Doctrine and Practice, p. 227). Given its brevity and the absence of technical vocabulary, the homily would be a good piece to put into the hands of someone who wants to know more about the Eastern approach to the doctrine of the Trinity.

“It is audacious to expound upon God in speech,” begins Basil (Fide

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