Trump Has You Convinced I Am a Terrorist and Your Enemy

With Trump and his cult, it isn’t about politics, it’s about morality. My buddy nails it here:

There are so many reasons why I despise Trump and Trumpism in the GOP.

But you know the one that hits the hardest for me?

It isn’t the monsters that Trump has emboldened, the political zombies he has awakened.

No, it’s what he has convinced friends and family to believe about me.

Because I support Black Lives Matter, because I support mass protests, because I am sympathetic to democratic socialism and am anti-capitalist, because I oppose fascism, because I oppose Trump–Trump has literally convinced so many friends and family that I am a radicalized terrorist.

And that isn’t hyperbole. It isn’t. People who know me and care for me have literally had to wrestle with the bullshit narrative that I am no better than radicalized terrorists of any other form. They have had to look at who they know me to be and compare it against the rhetoric of Trumpism–and so many have resolved the contradiction by rejecting me.

This monster-in-office has convinced his followers that anyone who challenges their way of life is an evil terrorist. He has ruined relationships, destroyed families, alienated people from those they hold dear.

And it isn’t me that changed. It’s them.

-J.L. Vines

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