On Trumpiopaths

A word on hardcore Trump supporters…

The truth is not in these folks. Trump tells them lies their itching ears want to hear. When “alternative facts” rule the day, objective truth is discarded, a relic of another time. Trump would tell them up is down and down is up, the sky is green and the grass is blue, and that left is right and right is left and they’d believe him and tell those of us trying to tell them otherwise that we’re “pathetic liars.”

All this after they spent 8 years lying and believing lies about Obama (Trump’s idiotic Birther Movement for ex.), opposing him at every turn, urging republicans/the GOP to not work with him on a single issue (and they didn’t), and attacking the man on every front, from his wife’s bare arms to his children. Now, they expect us to play ball with Trump, a true disgrace to the Office if there ever was one and who is the furthest thing from being a good, decent, upright, and ethical man.

There’s no talking to a Trumpiopath; as a sociopath as no empathy, a Trumpiopath has no sense of what’s right and wrong, true or false. Their hatred for Obama, disappointment in the federal gov’t overall, and easily manipulated nature has led them to embrace and support a narcissistic and pathological liar, a man, as Alfred tells Bruce in TDK, “they didn’t fully understand.” And don’t understand.

We’re better off spending our time with the on-the-fence Trump supporters who have seen he’s been nothing and done nothing for almost 3 years now. They’re few and far between, but sometimes they arise.

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