Trump, Taxes, and His Supporters (Mini-Blog #26)

Those who think Trump not paying taxes will hurt him or change the mind of his supporters come close.


Listen really well here!

They don’t give a fuck if he committed tax fraud! They are thoroughly committed to Capitalism and the Republican/Conservative value that rich fucks like Trump shouldn’t pay taxes to begin with and should be given tax breaks!

He and his supporters will write this off as big bad Big Government coming after a “successful businessman” who was right to commit tax fraud.

They’ll applaud him as a hero who sought to outsmart Big Government and keep his “riches.”

I’ll believe Trump is arrested for tax fraud when I see him in handcuffs.

It ain’t gonna happen, y’all.

Your enthusiasm and excitement is misguided.

The Democrats would do well to listen to Beau of the Fifth Column when it comes to how address this tax fraud issue.

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