July 4th, 2020

Fourth of JulyMany white Americans are celebrating July 4th.

Tonight, we even had a little get together with friends and cooked out. Last weekend we celebrated one of these said friends becoming a U.S. citizen the week prior. She just celebrated her first July 4th as an American citizen, however, as a brown woman and a religious minority she, too, will face many of the things that are the worst parts of America.

I know that for many black Americans that this day bears a lot of pain, hurt, resentment, disappointment, anger, and sadness.

America celebrates the birth of this nation and its independence in 1776. However for the rest of its history it enslaved, terrorized, and oppressed black people. To the point that many black Americans refuse to celebrate this day and celebrate Juneteenth as their Independence Day.

This reality should break our hearts and lead us to do more to bring about the liberation and freedom of all peoples in this country and remedy the past and atone for it.

Celebrate Independence Day, but do so with some introspection and lamenting that many our black brothers and sisters don’t celebrate it with us and for good reasons.

Listen to them, hear them, bear some of that pain they have, and work to make this a better country for all people.

As Dr. King said, “No one is free until we are all free.”

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