On Personal Growth

personal-growth1-1 (1)I really enjoyed and appreciated the following post from my friend Dani Cook (check out her website in the hyperlink in her name):

As discussions around systemic racism, bigotry, and prejudice have been prevalent for the last 4-6 weeks, I am reminded of just how many people are only interested in change if it doesn’t require changing themselves.

Personal Growth requires a willingness to:

Become Self-Aware

Self Awareness is critical in identifying the beliefs that dictate our actions and inaction. Some of these beliefs may be intentional and may be by choice. Others may be a result of conditioning and relatively subconscious.

Accept the Self You Discover

Self Acceptance is the next step in our growth. Understanding that you are who you are not because you are a “good” or “bad” person, but most likely because that’s who life made you. Once you accept that you did the best you could based on who you were and what you knew at the time, you can accept yourself without guilt, embarrassment, or shame.

Regulate Yourself

Self Regulation is the practice of Mindfulness in action. It is taking steps to break the patterns and let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you. It’s recognizing when those things come up and choosing to say, do, and be something different. In this act, you are creating who you desire to be and no longer simply being who your life made you.

Motivate Yourself

Self Motivation comes as you begin to make choices that are for your highest good. You find yourself truly beginning to like the person you are becoming, how you are treating yourself, and how you impact others in the process.

Love Yourself

Self Love is a term often thrown about and confused with Pride. It is no such thing. Self Love happens as a result of become aware of who you are, accepting that person – in fact, giving gratitude for her/him/them – and making choices that serve who you desire to be in this life. You will find that you LOVE the person you are when you CHOOSE who that is!

Having Self Love allows you to Influence Others to Love Themselves Too!

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