On Protesting (Mini-Blog #23)

101562235_10221213073210724_858576731408171008_nA friend asked me if the protests did any good recently, and another asked me just last night. Here’s what I told the first friend:

I do think they do good. They shouldn’t be the only thing we do. But they build solidarity with POC. I’ve had many black folks thank me for speaking out and declaring me an ally, a title only they can give us.

I also think it sends a message for areas like ours that are predominantly white that there’s plenty of us white folk who are fucking tired of this shit.

Dr. Kendi tweeted the other day, “Protest is the heartbeat of humanity. It is the sound of human rights beating to live.”

So many folks are voiceless or can’t be heard. I think they feel heard when we do this with them and for them.

But we must do more and we must vote, advocate, educate, legislate, etc. I started an antiracist reading group for the tri-cities with a friend so we can advocate educate and motivate white folks toward antiracism.

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