Antiracist Task Force (Mini-Blog #24)

FullSizeRenderI posted something criticizing Trump for not creating an antiracist task force to deal with the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. A friend asked what that would entail, and here’s what I think it should entail just to start off:

I think first of all it would include leading voices in antiracism work like Ibram X. Kendi and countless others. And including those working on being antiracist.

I think what I would want such a task force to do is advocate, educate, and investigate.

It would focus on educating the police from the feds all the way town to the smallest town’s police on antiracism values and beliefs.

It would focus on community policing and ensuring that officers know their community and know it well.

It would help investigate why these lynchings keep happening.

It would advocate for antiracist policies and procedures to be implemented in all branches of gov’t top down all the way to local govt.

It would focus on bringing about justice for black and brown communities devastated and wiped out by the unjust and futile Drug War.

It would do many things. It would create teams and smaller units of antiracist task forces to help communities when this shit happens but also to help prevent it from happening to begin with.

I think there’s a lot to unpack about what it would look like and do, especially in the White House.

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