We Will Survive; We Will Endure

Yes, this is a scary virus.

Yes, your fears and anxieties are warranted.

Yes, those with compromised, weaker, or poor immune system need to take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Yes, about half the globe will end up with this virus (this is how a virus works). There’s little to nothing we can do about that besides:

Yes, please wash your hands for 20 seconds with antibacterial soap often; use sanitizer heavy on alcohol if not.

Yes, limit your human contact i.e. hugging, hand shaking, etc.

Yes, stay at home as much as possible.

Yes, disinfect and clean as much as you can, especially surfaces that human contact has been made or made often.

Yes, turn off the news and social media reports about this bullshit. It is going to drive you mad and it isn’t good for your overall health. The media likes to create mass madness, hysteria, panic, fear, and perpetual emotion. Turn it off!

Yes, take care of yourself and your families.

Yes, keep living life and doing your job the safest and best you can.

Yes, stay hydrated, fed, and up on vitamins.

Yes, write your politicians and urge them to pass the bill to help those impacted by this the worst, the economically vulnerable.

Yes, push for, advocate for, pray for a cure and for better handling of the situation by our elected officials.

Yes, order groceries online and pick them up. Stay in as much as you can.

Yes, resist the fear and perpetual emotion machine that is the Mainstream Media and our government officials from federal to local.

Yes, resist the urge to go gobble up and over-consume resources. Be reasonable, not fearful. Be resourceful, not greedy. Stock up, don’t horde. Don’t you dare buy up just to sale and price gouge! If you do that I hope you end up with the damn virus. Harsh? Yes, but not as harsh as your greedy fucking ass!

Humanity has battled and waged war on viruses and diseases all of our existence. We will be okay, y’all!

Please, YES, breath! Take 10 deep breaths! Center yourselves. Slow your breath down. Let your body calm itself though the breath. Your emotions, anxieties, and worries will settle too!

Collectively, let us all do as Aaron Rodgers told Packers fans to do a few seasons ago:


We’re gonna be okay.

Everything is gonna be alright.

We will survive.

We will endure.

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