Their Profit is Our Existence As…

profits over peopleTo actively support lower taxes for the rich elitist millionaires, billionaires, and corporations in this country, is to actively support one’s own oppression and suppression at the hands of those who steal wealth and call it capital, who export jobs and call it good business tactics, who hoard wealth in offshore accounts and call it smart investing, who “donate” to the poor and call it charity, who employ people who have to rely on welfare and call it Capitalism, who make a profit off their workers and call it successful business, who covet the ownership of enterprise and call it innovation, and who masks their greed by calling it “trickle-down” economics!


To actively support lowering taxes on these greedy bourgeoisie/robber barons, is to support one’s own degradation, via oppression and suppression, as a poor and working individual!


The modern-day Bourgeoisie Robber Baron is not a friend to the poor, the working class, or the middle class! Their goal is to eliminate the working and middle class, so that only the poor are left, who will do as the modern-day Bourgeoisie Robber Baron commands, or so they hope!


The real terrorist and enemy is the one who is of the economic variety of the Baron and Bourgeoisie who promises “trickled-down” wealth and “The American Dream” for all those who work hard, have gumption, a can-do attitude, show up to work every day (despite sickness and family circumstances), and who are content with being fucked over by the ruling class!


The truth is what they promise is a falsehood, a lie, and a trick in order to bring about compliance! They will not give us any benefit of their wealth. They will only take from us more and more wealth while making false promises of “the good life!”


The Capitalist, as Malcolm X described them, is a bloodsucker! They aren’t here for the poor or working person’s benefit! The wealth they steal was never meant to “trickle down” to the middle, working, and poor classes! It’s a lie and a trick!


To reiterate, to support the modern day Bourgeoisie Robber Baron, the multi-million/multi-billion dollar Capitalist, and the multi-billion dollar Corporation (declared a “person” by our very own Supreme Court) is to support one’s own degradation, dehumanization, suppression, oppression, and, ultimately, elimination in the grand economic scheme these folks have plotted out!


Their profit is our existence as poor, working, middle-class people of every race, tribe, ethnicity, nationality, tongue, color, sexual orientation, etc. being compliant in the plutocracy and oligarchy!


Their love of money is the root of all evil, and their greed knows no bounds!

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