On Trump and Bernie

Bernie’s campaign in ‘16, and now, comes down to justice, mercy, compassion, equality, and, ultimately, a comradery built on, and centered on, love! Bernie brings a message of unity, constancy, peace, shalom, restorative justice, equality, hope, togetherness, human-hood, democracy, compassion, meaning, and love. Bernie’s life, policies, career, and record all exude this! It’s evident in his supporters and the message we are all helping to deliverer to the masses the best we can!

Trump’s campaign, then and now, comes down to a misguided, and perverse, sense of “justice” largely centered on Dog Whistle Politics and fear, manipulation, and the creating of enemies (Minorities, Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Liberals, the LGBTQ, etc.) for disenfranchised Whites who are angry, scared, and tired of a government that doesn’t work for them either and have the need for enemies to blame and scapegoat, however, Trump’s a master manipulator and a pathological liar and has no intentions of making a government and economy by the People, for the People, and of the People.

Trump’s campaigns are the opposite of justice, mercy, compassion, equality, comradery, and love; they are the complete opposite of Bernie’s both in substance and spirit!

The vibe, I get, from Trump supporters is the opposite of those from Sander’s. There’s a warmth and a sense of “Not me! Us!” to Sanders, a sense of working together for some very important ideals and goals. There’s a sense of belonging.

I have sensed from Trump fans all this time a sense of anger and hatred that’s not felt in the Bernie camp. The nastiness, mean-spiritedness, and divisiveness of Trump is rampant in his supporters. They are very hurt and angry people who turned to a mad man in their hurt and anger, to a man they didn’t and don’t fully understand.

It’s truly like light verses dark, right verses wrong, love verses hate, justice versus injustice, and good verses evil when speaking of the campaigns these two men, Bernie and Trump, are running and the sort of crowd and support they draw.

I love the sense of comradery, togetherness, and mutual love and harmony of Bernie’s campaigns; I disdain and reject the divisiveness, hatred, hatefulness, ugliness, and nastiness of Trump’s.

At the end of this election, no matter what happens I believe, as King said, that, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” and that the spirit and grassroots work that Sander’s started has to go on, must go on!

We mustn’t lose hope and turn ourselves over to despair should we see four more years of what Trump has brought us. We can’t lose hope and give up the work towards justice and an economy and government that works for all Americans!

Let us continue to build on the lovely spirit of Bernie’s campaign in the coming months and years because even if Bernie wins and takes the WH in January 2021, that’s just the beginning of the work! If he doesn’t then we still have work to do and must build on this spirit and in this spirit that Bernie has brought us all!

Let’s continue to come together for the good of one another in this spirit of human-hood and make this country a stronger, better, more inclusive, more just, and more equitable country built on the best parts of humanity, the best parts of America!

It’s not about me, brothers and sisters! It’s about us! Let’s go forth and build/create the government and economy that works for US!

BERNIE 2020!


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