An Introduction to Private vs. Personal Property

Zero Waste Millennial

In having some discussions about my anti-capitalist leanings with those still very entrenched in the system, one fundamental misconception I’ve run into over and over is that personal and private property are the same thing, which allows the person I’m talking with to construct a strawman about how an anarchist/communist/far-far-left state wouldn’t allow anyone to have any kind of nice things, or that the concept of ownership would be abolished altogether. And that’s just plain silly. Of course we believe in everyone’s right to have personal effects and possessions, to have nice clothes, a house, gadgets and doodads, and even money.

The mixup comes with not making a distinction between private and personal property, and this only seems to happen when someone talks about being morally against the former. (Forget that this distinction is economics 101 that they probably learned in high school. I chalk it up to selective memory.)

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