Time to Repent, Brothers

patriarchyThe Conservative/Traditional/orthodox Man: “So every time I preach that men and women are equal in essence but different in their particular God-given role I’m sinning?”

Answer for the Conservative, Traditional, orthodox Man:

It’s a sin if you take man-made patriarchal beliefs in order to say preach women can’t be ministers, preachers, teachers, pastors, head ministers, bishops, priests, deacons, CEOs, politicians, or anything other than your patriarchal-defined role of mother, child-bearer, nourisher, and homemaker who submits to her husband as greater than she in terms of roles and authority granted by God.

Yep, you’re absolutely sinning and should repent!

Preach “equal in ‘essence’” all ya like, but if a woman can’t be anything other than what you and the patriarchal-influenced Scriptures, and interpretations of said Scriptures, tell her she can be, then you are sinning! Patriarchal attitudes, sexism, male dominance, and Complementarian ‘Theology’ are all sins.

God’s only role to men and women was that of priest in the Garden of Aden forever offering up thanksgiving (Eucharist) to God for God’s goodness. Men give roles; God doesn’t give roles. Culture steeped in Patriarchal bullshit and toxic masculinity has given us “gender roles.” These roles are not from God nor of God.

Time to repent, brothers.



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