Republican/Conservative Reasons Not to Believe Women

d648a296c6a57c6d88777d7e1f4561e7.jpgI’ve honestly had people tell me, and I suspect more conservatives of this, that, essentially, reading between the lines and their unwillingness to answer honestly, they’d refuse to believe their own daughters if they came forward about sexual assault and rape without evidence, proof, and substance to back up their allegation!

Those supporting Kavanaugh I highly suspect would tell their own daughters that the burden of proof is on them when it comes to coming forward about their sexual assault/rape allegations. I truly believe they’d lack the basic human decency and empathy to believe a random woman like Dr. Ford little long their own daughters.

Reasons for this are numerous, but I’ve heard/seen the following:

-Teenage girls, especially, like to party and get wild, so they can’t be trusted.

-Teenage girls chose, purposely sometimes, to get unhealthy crushes and be in unhealthy relationships.

-Teenage girls put themselves in dire situations where they can be assaulted or raped.

-Teenage girls are emotionally unstable, sometimes to the point of being diagnosed with a serious mental disorder, and are therefore not to be trusted.

-Women are vindictive against men and are out to get men (despite the evidence that false rape claims are incredible low).

-Women can be like all the ones listed above ^ for teenage girls.

-Women are responsible to deal with their assault and rape in a mature way and report it within a timeframe that will allow DNA-proof to still exists or otherwise it didn’t happen.

-Women have to have a “burden of proof.”

-Women have to have some sort of “evidence” to give substance to their story (despite the fact that when there is evidence i.e. rape kits there’s a vast majority of rape kits that go without appropriate investigation).

-Women are held accountable for not coming forward and are therefore discredited, but the reality of sexual crimes being largely committed by men and the reality of how many men guilty of sexual crimes get away with it in a court of law.

-Women are responsible for their sexual assault/rape, and have NO REASON (despite the evidence giving them plenty of reasons) to NOT report it.

-Women sometimes drink too much and make bad decisions, especially those pesky teenage girls.

-Women wear seductive and scandalous clothing.

-Women’s word is less credible and trustworthy than a man’s word.

I could go on with more of these examples of what I’ve heard and seen over the last few weeks, but it’s making me so angry and rage-filled that I have to stop here. If you don’t find these disgusting I truly think something’s wrong with you.

If you buy into these bullshit reasons there’s something definitely wrong with you. You’ve been blinded by gender norms and patriarchal bullshit to the point that you’d truly not believe your own daughter.

This shit is unacceptable! I hope moving forward that we, as a society from the individual up to a whole, will come to a place where we can stop and listen to women a little bit better rather than letting patriarchal misogynistic bullshit plug our ears.

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