It’s Time for a New Oxford Movement.

A Desert Father

An American commented that the church [in the early 19thc.] had fallen from a position of power to the condition of “a victim, dressed for the slaughter.” It was a ghastly picture, he declared, “when skepticism was rampant, and an insufferably insolent individualism paraded itself on the platform; when the men most alive were the Evangelicals, amongst whom there was hardly on who combined scholarship. Intellect, and address in a considerable degree, nor one who represented the principles and system in the Book of Common Prayer.  Cited in John F. Nash’s “The Sacramental Church”

One of the challenges for Anglo Catholics in the 20th and 21st centuries is that we have won much.

Eucharist as the central act of worship? Check.

Confession in the Prayer Book? Check.

Holy Week services in the BCP? Check.

The Gloria at the beginning of the Mass and the Peace? Check…

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