Ask an Anglican: Eucharistic Adoration

The Conciliar Anglican

Piggybacking on my last post on the 39 Articles, the always insightful BC of Catholicity and Covenant writes:

It would be good to read your views specifically on Article 28. What of those of us who do reserve the Sacrament? Who worship Christ sacramentally present at the elevation? Who practice eucharistic adoration?

For those unfamiliar with it, here’s what Article XXVIII says:

The Supper of the Lord is not only a sign of the love that Christians ought to have among themselves one to another, but rather it is a Sacrament of our Redemption by Christ’s death: insomuch that to such as rightly, worthily, and with faith, receive the same, the Bread which we break is a partaking of the Body of Christ; and likewise the Cup of Blessing is a partaking of the Blood of Christ.

Transubstantiation (or the change of the substance of Bread and Wine) in the…

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