The World Feels High Lonesome

The world feels high lonesome and heartbroken to me right now. We’ve sorted ourselves into factions based on our politics and ideology. We’ve turned away from one another and toward blame and rage. We’re lonely and untethered. And scared. So damn scared.


But rather than coming together and sharing our experiences through song and story, we’re screaming at one another from further and further away. Rather than dancing and praying together, we’re running from one another. Rather than pitching wild and innovative new ideas that could potentially change everything, we’re staying quiet and small in our bunkers and loud in our echo chambers.” -Dr. Brene Brown “Braving the Wilderness”

There’s temptations to hunker down in the ideological trenches of politics and religion that we’ve dug ourselves into in the fight of “us vs. them” that is so prevalent in our culture and society right now.

Please refuse to do this and play into these ways of disconnecting and unplugging and of radicalizing and shouting. I know I’m guilty of this, but my best friend is a fiscally-conservative, socially-liberally, Libertarian-leaning Conservative/Republican, and I’m a Progressive-Libertarian who loves Bernie Sanders and his ideas! We duke it out a lot over politics and have some good debates and conversations along with our friend Dave who is also across the board on political opinions!

My friend and I have almost, at times, due to the climate of echo chambers and bunkers around us, lost sight of our friendship because of these differences we have; and how sad it would have been or will be for us if that happened! However, we know we can talk and share these opinions with one another, vastly disagree, but still enjoy a pipe at the end of the day together.

My own father-in-law and I, too, don’t share many ideological values and viewpoints, but we’ve learned to put those things to rest and focus on being family and getting to know one another.

Out of 4 siblings, I’m the only Progressive Libertarian and Progressive-liturgical-Anglocatholidoxpalian Christian in the whole bunch, who’s views on politics and religion aren’t shared by my siblings! And that’s okay, they’re still my family! And I love them!

Go out and befriend a person with a massively different worldview, political ideology, and religious orientation, or lack thereof. Ask questions. Get insight. Let them share their story.

Get together and sing, dance, tell stories, share a beer, show off pics of loved ones, pray, and learn about one another even if there’s massive things that could separate you from the other person.

We’re human beings first and foremost made in the image of God. Let’s sing, dance, laugh, and play together despite these differences.

We need each other. Don’t let political and religious ideologies drive a wedge between relationships or prevent new ones from coming up.

Let’s get out of our bunkers and echo chambers!

Get out there with a stranger, share stories, hold hands, and maybe sing together! Let us come together based on our common humanity, our shared existence as fragile creatures in this vast universe, to eat, drink, and be merry. Let’s celebrate our commonalities and shared experiences rather than become divided over differences in politics, religion, or ideologies.

Ask one person today, who you know doesn’t share your political and religious beliefs, how they are doing and if there’s anything you can do for them. Let their humanness come out and relate to yours.

Peace to you all.

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