Get that Son of a Bitch Off the Field Right Now: Trump, Conservatives, Selective Outrage, Kaepernick, Cognitive Dissonance, and Betrayal of Values


Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” –Donald Trump

Actual quote from a conservative/Republican friend of mine:

I don’t need to condemn Trump….. But Kaepernick is a putrid douche, and I have no problem with him he berated and he’s getting what he deserves.”

My friend Adam translate the above quote precisely:

I don’t need to condemn an authoritarian fascist for advocating unconstitutional firing of private employees for their political speech, but I will go ahead and yell insults at a guy who is just complaining about people like him getting murdered by police.”

I notice a very disturbing trend that seems to be among conservatives. I preface this all with the reality that I know that not all conservatives think and act in ways that I discuss below. However, there’s a growing recognition of such thinking and acting and believing within their ranks that I think needs addressing.

Republicans/conservatives have literally and utterly lost all credibility and their values when Kaep bashing takes priority over criticizing shit that is actually evil and wrong that Trump does and says.

Partisan politics, folks! They’ve blinded and robbed Trump supporters of values. Let’s bash and get our butthurt on for a citizen peacefully protesting and to hell with what Trump says. We agree, “Fire the son of a bitch!”

When folks agree with a sitting President speaking like this at a rally and defend his attacking innocent black men peacefully protesting it tells you more about these people and Trump than it does those practicing their civil liberty to call attention to violence, police brutality, and oppression towards blacks.

When you are more offended and have harsher things to say about about a football player kneeling in prayer than you do about the plethora of inappropriate, ignorant, hateful, and evil things your president says you’ve got some cognitive dissonance and a lack of values.

This isn’t so much about Kaep as it is about those who are more upset and outraged by his actions, which he is perfectly free to perform, than they are with Trump’s actions and words, which are actually something to be outraged and upset about. The betrayal of values seen here and where priorities are lying is disgusting to me.

Folks continue to more upset about Kaep kneeling than Trump saying, “Grab em by the pussy,” “Fire that son of a bitch,” “I pounced on her like a bitch,” and all the other senseless things he says and does. They are more butthurt and upset about Kaep kneeling than Nazis marching in our streets and Trump being very unclear and doublespeaking on denouncing said Nazis.

Again, this isn’t about Kaep. This is about conservative’s abandoning their values and honesty in the name of Trumpism, politics, and party allegiance while they help create a post-fact world with Trump and his Admin.

To those conservatives who didn’t and don’t support, defend, and stand by Trump, please, speak out to those in your ranks who are guilty of this obvious betrayal of values. We need your voices to speak truth to power too just as some liberals/progressives had to do with Obama when he betrayed us and our values.

Colin Kaepernick protesting during the anthem isn’t anti-American; it’s affirming the very freedom America represents and giving us a real-time example of how you leverage your influence to change things for the better. In an age where pro athletes are seen as petulant, aloof, selfish babies, he chose to use his visibility and his platform to actually give a damn and to actually say something about something of importance. Crucifying him for this is missing the point of this country spectacularly. It’s also an alarm going off that your privilege might be showing.” –Jonathan Pavlovits 

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