In Support of DACA and Dreamers

21616194_10213081290201231_4447626741206678418_nJoined our brothers and sisters at ETSU today in support of urging our politicians to support Dreamers and pass The Dream Act. Please text “RESIST” to 50409 and/or email TN Senators and our Rep. here:

My email to my Senators and Rep.:

I am writing to you today to urge you to push for and support efforts to pass legislation that will take care of the 800,000+ Dreamers that are protected by DACA, which our President has foolishly decided to let run out in 6 months.


These folks are hard working individuals who came to this country against their own will, without a choice in the matter. They are contributors to our society, educated, and on the path to citizenship. They deserve to be called Americans and enjoy full protection as U.S. citizens.


As children, they didn’t have a choice to come here, but now they are here, and as Americans living in a country founded and built by immigrants we owe them citizenship. We owe them legislation that will protect their being here in this country. We owe them protection from the threat of deportation. We owe them kindness, love, and a warm welcome into our country as protected citizens under our constitution.


I urge you to do all you can to support The Dream Act and to protect these vulnerable neighbors of ours from deportation and the harm this Admin. wants to inflict upon them.


We are your employers as the citizens you represent, and we are asking you to do something to help make sure these folks are protected and put on a path to citizenship.


Thanks for your time.


-Jon Anderson

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