The Includer God

“Love is not a feeling. It is a decision. Jesus cannot command that you have a feeling. He can only command us to make a decision, and love is the greatest decision we will ever make.” -Mother Angelica 

I don’t, can’t, & shall not believe in a ‘God’ who, along w/ His followers, cares more about what we do with our genitalia, who we do it to or with, who we love or don’t love, what ‘gender’ with which we identify or don’t identify, and what sexual orientation with which we are naturally born, than He, and they, care about militarism, Empire worship, nationalism, racism, poverty, war, genocide, violence, abuse, and a plethora of other serious issues that actually matter to God and His/Her followers and really impact humanity in our existence.

Thankfully, I know God isn’t like those who are sex-obsessed, gender-obsessed, ‘traditional marriage’-obsessed, and care more about what others ‘are’ and who they love. God is….

God is genderless.

God is beyond gender.

God doesn’t have genitalia.

God doesn’t discriminate with love.

God doesn’t have gender roles.

God doesn’t care about our sexual orientation.

God doesn’t hate us for who we love regardless of orientation.

God doesn’t care what ‘gender’ we are.

God doesn’t dictate societal concepts like ‘gender.’

God doesn’t favor male over female or vice versa.

God doesn’t hate those who love the same sex.

God doesn’t hate those who are transgender.

God doesn’t hate those who love more than one person, even within a marriage.

God doesn’t hate polyamorous people.

God is love….

The sum of the law is love (Gal. 5:14; Rom. 13:10).

God is the Ultimate Includer, whose love doesn’t discriminate or limit to categories based on human perceptions and ideologies.

You’re ‘gay’ and love men? God loves you!

You’re ‘lesbian’ and love women? God loves you!

You’re a ‘straight’ woman and love men? God loves you!

You’re a ‘straight’ man and love women? God loves you!

You’re in a poly relationship? God loves you and your partners!

You were born ‘male,’ but identify ‘female’? God loves you!

You were born ‘female,’ but identify ‘male’? God loves you!

God accepts you!

God doesn’t hate you!

God doesn’t disapprove of you!

God isn’t going to send you to the place of Make-believe, Hell (more on Hell here and here)!

God isn’t going to punish you for who you love!

God isn’t going to destroy you for what ‘gender’ you are!

God isn’t mad about with whom you express love!

Brett Dennen once sang, “All we have is love…” If we begin to limit love to patriarchal, truly ‘man’-made, ideologies, engrained in all societies from the beginning of time, which are ‘men-dated’ categories and classifications of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc. then we are failing to grasp what love and God are truly about, which is unconditional, unbias, all-embracing regard, acceptance, and care for one another as icons made in God’s image filled with God’s love.

These man-made myths and ideologies about God, God’s love, and our existence here serve only to harm us, divide us, and destroy us! God seeks to unite us, care for us, bless us, and, ultimately, save us from such myths and ideologies we’ve created about Him/Her/It.

The God we seek to worship, love, adore, praise, and commune with is the God of inclusion, embrace, acceptance, invitation, forgiveness, resurrection, and, above all, love, who invites and accepts all at the Eucharistic Table of the Lamb who was slain by our violence and evil, but who forgives us and includes us nonetheless as priests of creation offering Thanksgiving/gratitude back to God as we were meant and made to do.

If God wants to exclude the lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning, etc. then I gladly join myself, a straight, hetero, cisgender, ‘Christian,’ male, to the ranks of the marginalized, forgotten, hated, misunderstood, mislabeled, etc.! Thanks be to God for God is not like that, but encompassing, compassionate, loving, kind, embracing, and accepting!

Glory to God for all things!

[Includer Icon image from The Naked Pastor; check him out please]

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