The Nudity of a Woman’s Body: Thoughts on Modesty and Patriarchy (Guest Post)

87e4a3c27c8ea82aad46c14c75c2b0b2--figure-painting-figure-drawingThe Nudity of a Woman’s Body

By Jory Micah 

Many women have been conditioned to see their bodies as sexual objects, so we tend to sexualize our own daughters/sisters, calling for “modesty.”

We need to do the work to dismantle this internalized notion that patriarchy (sin) has instilled in us.

Women’s bodies are NOT inherently sexual.

While women are sexual beings, just as men are, our actual bodies are not sexual. Nudity is often not sexual; beautiful, but not sexual.

“Modesty” (as we think of it normally- not showing skin) is not a biblical command; it’s a cultural (subjective) concept, often used to control women’s attire.

For example, modesty suggestions in the Bible were things like “don’t wear gold jewelry” because in that culture women did this to *show off* their wealth.

It’s not about “showing skin” as women & men in biblical times wore long robes.

So, it’s important that we not sexualize one another’s bodies & preach specific modesty rules like, women should always wear one piece bathing suits or long skirts (this is legalism).

Modesty is always a condition of the heart. It’s not about what you wear, but WHY you are wearing it.6359521273394803591754380961_Dove-Real-Beauty-Campaign

There is no shame in the nudity of a woman’s body. It’s not sexual for a woman to be nude in many circumstances.

(Such as, a woman giving birth nude, or perhaps a nude woman in a piece of art, or perhaps on a beach or in hot springs, in which nudity is the cultural norm.)

Don’t allow culture to sexualize your body any longer, or your daughters & sister’s bodies. This is so damaging to women & girls self-esteem.

Jesus makes it clear that lust is a heart issue & we must all take responsibility for our own lust or heart intentions to cause impure lust.

But, we must never blame a woman’s nude body in itself for being inherently sexual. It’s not. That’s a lie we have been taught by the patriarchy.

After all, God’s original intent was that people go naked and unashamed. It was not until sin came into the picture, that we began to feel shame in nudity.


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