This Blog Kills Fascists (Mini-Blog #19)


I see my blog as a machine much like that of Guthrie’s guitar.

I’m a firm believer that we absolutely have no moral, political, ethical, or Constitutional duty to uphold listening to, hearing, or giving platforms to Fascists, Nazis, Totalitarians, or anyone with an extremist, dangerous ideology.

Not giving a platform to those people is not PC nor stopping free speech. I mean the KKK and the Nazis lost and were/are on the wrong side of history. Do we really wanna give folks like that a platform and really try to hear them and understand them? No, we don’t and shouldn’t.

Do the Hitlers, Stalins, Castros, Pots, Jong-uns of the world need a platform and place to be respectfully heard and civilly disagreed with? Do racists, sexists, or any truly hateful and hate-filled person or ideology deserve to be heard and given a chance to spew their hate?

Anyone proposing such ideologies with clear patterns and histories of violent, degrading, dehumanizing beliefs that rage, destroy, destruct, cause violence and war, murder, and hate I do not have to entertain or simply “agree to disagree” with; it’s absurd to think I should.

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