Feminism in the Church (Mini-Blog #18)

56f599981e000087007055ffThere’s lots of well-intentioned men, as well as women, who use the ole “men and women are inherently different let’s celebrate that and that the Bible clear has different roles for men and women” argument that’s used to continue to enforce misogynistic views in order to keep women in the kitchen and children’s ministry.

Feminism and gender equality, especially within the Church, aren’t about ignoring inherit differences between men and women, but about pushing the patriarchy to stop using those differences to promote maleness as more superior and capable of leadership, authority, creative, responsibility, innovation, vision, giftedness, temperament, and ambition, especially in the Church.

Feminism and equality are about allowing women to break through the glass ceiling meant to keep them subordinate and insuperior to men in their lives, careers, callings, vocations, gifts, etc; it’s never been about ignoring the differences, but recognizing those differences aren’t an excuse to mistreat, put down, keep down, demean, control, limit, manipulate, make subordinate, hurt, or abuse any woman anywhere.

Celebrating the differences means celebrating women and letting them achieve their full capabilities and potential not keeping them out of leadership roles so they can raise the babies, cook meals, and do children’s ministry only.

***Pic taken from 15 Christian Women Get Real About the Role of Women in the Church***

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