The Beginning of Everything


We got engaged!

I had planned on proposing late fall. However, I found a great ring with a special just for this month. And well, the timing felt right and I couldn’t keep the ring to myself for more than 9 days, so I just went ahead and asked. For a more detailed account of the proposal, I want to use Emily’s own words, which she expressed on her Facebook:

Jonathan Anderson asked me to marry him on July 24th and it was and wasn’t a surprise! We’ve been planning on getting engaged but I didn’t expect it on Sunday!

He planned a hike up to Mendota Fire Tower to see beautiful Virginia rolling hill scenery that he and his family have gone up to together. Remind you, it was like 95 degrees so we were exhausted! As we were sitting taking in the view he said he wanted to give me a gift because he likes to give gifts and then he opened a ring box and said will you marry me. I responded by saying, ‘Jon, that’s not just a gift it’s THE GIFT! And yes of course I’ll marry you!’ Then he read me a 2 1/2 page single spaced ‘I love you, will you marry me’ speech. It was beautiful and sweet and he ended it with the lyric ‘love can last if you only let it grow.’

So I say, let’s let it grow, babe! So excited to marry you Jon!”

She’s a truly amazing person. Amanda, Lauren, and Aaron, my siblings, are as in love with her as I am. She’s my soulmate!

Even though literally speaking, this wasn’t the highest point on earth that like no one ever before her she makes me feel on top of the world! Hence such a place to propose was only appropriate!13754284_10209030482573572_7091740853204155010_n

She’s my best friend, my confidant, my love, my muse, my partner, my equal, my darling, my support, my help, my romance, and for the next 7 to 8 months she’s my bride-to-be.

This week has been a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, but I’ve focused on two things: the present moment with this beautiful woman, full of captivating wonder and awe, by my side, and the moment I see her walk down the aisle towards me to become my wife.

We are aiming for a March wedding possibly. I’m grateful for her. She went to seminary, so she has a M.Div and loves nerdy theology stuff like me. She’s also doing her Masters in Counseling right now too. She lost her mom to cancer a year ago in March, so we share that grief of losing parents as well as so much more in common with our values, beliefs, and principles!


God has been good in the timing of our coming together, and we couldn’t be more happy and healthy together with His timing of this beautiful relationship we’ve discovered!

I’ve waited all my life for this moment, and I’ve waited all my life for this amazing, beautiful, gracious woman! Out of nowhere, she arrived full of wonder and beauty!

As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “I love her, and this is the beginning of everything!”

Glory be to God for all things!

UPDATED for engagement pics below:


2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Everything

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing in our joy and happiness of God’s good and perfect timing for our lives. 🙂


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