Icons of Worth

15085716_10210161441886848_7174709091806065923_nI find “Christian” songs that say something along the lines of “I’m so unworthy but still You love me” to be unbiblical, morally reprehensible, and theologically repulsive in light of the grand narrative that Scripture tells and that the Church embodies! At no point of creation, even after humanity’s failure to be Eucharistic beings in a Eucharistic world that led us to our disconnection from the Creator God, has the Creator ever found us unworthy of His love, attention, affection, grace, guidance, relationship, and communion.

Such negative hymnology is harmful and self-degrading to the image of God within us all despite any marring that image may have sustained! Damaged or marred icons are still icons that speak to God’s grace and His creating all of us as worthy of love, belonging, and joy.

We aren’t unworthy of God! We aren’t beneath God in a sense that He thinks we are unworthy garbage or broken beyond repair or healing! This sort of theology found in these songs reeks of the false teaching of Penal Substitutionary Atonement that says we’re morally bankrupt, nasty, vile, totally deprived lost souls who deserves God’s punishment but instead it’s poured out on Jesus while being sacrificed and abandoned at the same time the the Father. This isn’t the story of Scripture nor the embodied reality in which the Church lives and gives thanks.

The reality is that God has, does, and always will find us worthy because no Creator throws away His creation or finds it unworthy. We are His work and His creation thus our worth never diminishes or ceases to exist despite our roughness or brokenness. Our nature is good and worthy of God’s love and the therapeutic work of Christ’s Cross, which defeated sin and death freeing us and all those in the tombs from the grip of Hades.

We aren’t unworthy.
We aren’t disgusting.
We aren’t ugly.
We aren’t depravity-filled nasty creatures.

God isn’t angry at us.
God isn’t finding us unworthy.
God isn’t repulsed by us.

We can realize this truth, in humility and thanksgiving, without being self-depreciating, self-loathing, self-praising, and self-exalting: We are loved and found worthy by God thus are people of worth made in the image of the Holy Trinity, to live and relate! We are worthy icons of God who are loved by Him and of worth to Him.

One thought on “Icons of Worth

  1. Oh, Phil Wickham… Your quote is verbatim from his song “Cannons.” There is some beautiful imagery in that song, but I agree that perpetuating this vision that humans are dirty, vile, unworthy creatures is so harmful. It truly damages us in relating to our Father.

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