In Between the Coming Together and the Falling Apart

8165_10207403625503162_3855070575175646564_nLife is full of things coming together and falling apart. Coming together and falling apart. The point isn’t to try to resolve which ever phrase we find ourselves in, but to open ourselves up to what is falling and what is coming, to allow ourselves to sit in mindfulness of those things and what they teach us.

What thinking we are worthless can teach us.

What feeling like a piece of shit can teach us.

What feeling on top of the world can teach us.

What feeling like the world is on top of us can teach us.

What feeling like a failure can teach us.

We aren’t to get attached to those things and be despondent, but to sit with them, listen to the emotions and thoughts, and gather nerve to be compassionate towards ourselves. We have to realize it’s part of the common human experience to feel these feelings, high to low, because we are emotional creatures. We are to never form attachments to what we feel, but to seek to sit with those emotions and thoughts, listen, learn, and move forward.

We have to learn, above all, to let go; to let go of attachments to the nostalgic, false, and heretical narrative of the “American Dream” has fed us. Because life isn’t the “American Dream!” We have to let go of the economy, the politics, the narratives, the lies, the expectations, the hopes, our opinions, our demands, our selfish ambitions, and anything else we lie to ourselves about! We must part ways with the way we thought life was going to go for us. We have to let go of the need to control and be how it drives us to anger when things don’t go our way.

We have to learn that life happens in between the coming together and falling apart; that’s life!

Coming together and falling apart; nothing lasts forever, not even the sun.

We have to let go of negativity and despondency after sitting with them and learning from the disappointment they make us feel. We must let go of the idea that life is always going to be “coming together,” and the need of trying to control it to stay that way.

We have to let go of the failure after having learned that it keeps us humble. Our egos are what keep us upset, negative, hateful, down, despondent, and lost.

Follow me in this:

Take a deep breath, place your hand over your heart, feel your heart beating, your breath coming and going, and know that you are alive. We should be grateful. We have plenty for which to give thanks. Give thanks! Practice gratitude! Let go! Breath in! Breath out! LIVE!

Everything is going to be okay in the end. Meanwhile, we live in the coming together and falling apart because that’s where life happens and unfolds. And we are alive; to avoid that is to avoid life itself, my friends.

Let us live…


2 thoughts on “In Between the Coming Together and the Falling Apart

  1. Well…this was something that I know to be true…but certainly needed to hear it for myself in a major way right now…due to plenty of chaos. Thanks for writing it!


    1. I’m right there with you in knowing this to be true, but needing to hear it in order to practice it. I’m glad it was helpful.


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