Coming out of “Complementarianism” and Becoming Equal

Christian Egalitarian Marriage

In my marriage, I believed that my husband held “final decision making authority” and that I was obligated to “submit to him in everything” Eph 5:24.  Mark Driscoll provides a good picture of what my marriage looked like (minute 13:03):

My husband ruled. My life involved supporting his dreams and taking care of our 8 children.  We moved around the world following his dreams, living in 25 places in 6 states and two foreign countries by the time we had been married for 20 years.  In many ways, I disappeared, lost my individuality and my voice.  I “laid down my life” and “died to myself” in a rather unhealthy manner thinking this was God’s will for a married Christian woman.

Oddly enough, a common thread between my marriage and the Driscoll marriage was the control over my hairstyle:

… my pregnant wife came home from a hair appointment…

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