The Merciful Heart (Mini-Blog #15)


This! This is the primary disposition of the Christian, of someone filled with the love of Christ for every particle, atom, super string, or speck of creation and the universe.

If any theology or doctrine that says, “God sends people to Hell,” “God chose your grandmother’s eternal destination to be Hell and you most glorify Him for it,” “God takes delight in tormenting people for eternity and that His making things right,” “God rejoices in the death of sinners and chose some to be saved and some to go to Hell,” “God saved us from His wrath on the Cross and from Hell,” or “God wants us to worship His sovereignty for electing some to go to Hell,” then it is a false theology full of hate, paganism, and downright evil!

God is clear that salvation is for all who hear and receive. God desires the entire cosmos be saved. He doesn’t rejoice in death or the death of anyone, even the most vile among us. He defeated death and wishes for is all to turn to Him for life and reconciliation that we may be like Him.

God is like Jesus and always has been. If our disposition isn’t like God Himself, whose primary disposition towards the world and cosmos is love, then we have failed to know Christ and to know love.

God is good and loves mankind.

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