Aware. Present. Conscious. Heartful. Wakeful.


The deeper into counseling and my career I go…

The deeper into life I get with turning 29 soon and getting closer to my 30s I go…

The deeper into a relationship with someone I care about I go…

The deeper into my inward self with all my complexities  I go…

I realize with all these things, even as a therapist/counselor-in-training, that I need a therapist.

I have these narratives I tell myself, usually shame-driven, anxiety-driven, and self-diminishing, that I realize more and more, even if it’s just sitting and talking with someone else in my field, that need to be addressed.

We all have these narratives we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves that are usually harmful, self-diminishing, hurtful, and do nothing to promote our growth.

These narratives are attempts at control, manipulation, power, and attempts to avoid vulnerability.

The remedy, in part, is mindfulness; to be aware, present, conscious, heartful, and wakeful.

Aware of the moment.
Present in the now.
Conscious of the here.
Heartful of the breath.
Wakeful to the minute and all it entails.


It’s through these mindfulness-based techniques we self-examine these poor narratives, lay them aside, and simply be.

It’s in the simply being that new, better, more healthy narratives come to fruition, and we begin to truly live, to truly write stories.

In writing our stories, sometimes we need help dissecting and deconstructing the misinformed and harmful narratives we allow ourselves and our brains to tell us.

It’s in the deconstructing, sometimes with the help of a professional, we reconstruct, rebuild, rewrite, and revolutionize our stories.

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