Always Expecting the Bad (Shamefessional #9)


Dr. Brene Brown talks about how we often shy away from vulnerability and don’t like it because one thing it does is cause us to fully lean into the joy of life when it’s here.

Shame, fear, and other shit often makes us expect bad to happen. And it hit me just how perfectly this week has been with the job and how things with someone in my life have been going so well.

So fear drives us not to lean fully in and embrace all this joy and happiness, but instead tells us to be prepared for shit to hit the fan.

I thought to myself just out of nowhere this evening, “Something bad is gonna happen soon, so you better prepare and not enjoy this too much!” It was just a thought,  and I so wanna lean into how happy I’ve been this week and how much joy have experienced via this job offer and a new friendship.

If we want to live what Brene calls the Wholehearted life, the authentic life, we can’t live life expecting bad shit to happen and preparing for it all the time because it prevents ourselves from fully feeling and experiencing joy in life.

Dare greatly, my friends!

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