Reflections on Men and Rape Culture (Mini-Blog #14)


As a heterosexual man who finds the female body beautiful and attractive, I DO NOT, in any way, shape, or form, regardless of whether or not I can see every shape, curve, crevice, cleavage, or part of skin, have any right to her body, any right to rape her, any right to lose control of my own sexual urges and desires, any right to sexually degrade or harass her, any right to say, “she deserves it,” or any right to force myself upon her in any way. Period!

It’s time men own their behavior and aggression instead of using how a woman may or may not dress as a copout for supporting rape culture.

I don’t care if a naked female is right in front me in public or private, unless invited to do so, I have no right to her body whatsoever; unless literally asking for sexual contact then no she is not ever asking for it based off what she is wearing and/or not wearing!

A man’s lustful, barbaic, and violent actions are never a woman’s fault nor are they ever excused by how she may have been dressed! A man’s biologically wired sexual orientation and proclivity for lust and lustful thoughts IS NOT an excuse to rape and take what isn’t freely offered to him by mutual consent!

Men, it’s time we speak out like this and voice our opposition to rape culture!

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