Are We a Post-racial Society? (Mini-Blog #13)


Two things have happened in the last few weeks and after watching this video I definitely would agree that: 1) Trump, his rhetoric, and the mass amount of support he gets from conservatives prove that this is not a post-racial society and that racism, while maybe not as institutionalized as in days gone by, is nonetheless very, very present in our society.

and 2) All lives matter is nothing but a masquerade to hide the ugly face of what number 1 (above) has revealed: racism, xenophobia, and dehumanization. This has been shown by the massive amount of people who refuse to accept refugees into our country based solely on false information, misguided and engineered political rhetoric from the Right, and above all manufactured emotions from the perpetual emotion machine that is the media designed solely to instill fear and hatred.

Trump’s rhetoric is racist, hateful, xenophobic, and dangerous. It has revealed that the structures in place within our society are inherently still racist, and that racism still has deep roots within our society. Sure, we may not be lynching African Americans or what have you, but if you sincerely believe American is “post racial” then you are sadly and poorly very mistaken….


“Social structure, in sociology, the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together.”

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