Love Alone Bestows a Spiritual Meaning: Procreation Must Come Down Off Its Pedestal (Mini-Blog #9)

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The preservation of the species and selfish sexual pleasure reduce the partner to a mere tool and destroy his dignity. Love alone bestows a spiritual meaning upon marriage, and justifies it by elevating it to perceive the countenance of the beloved in God, to the level of the one and only icon…” – Paul Evdokimov, Orthodox theologian

I read a friend’s post tonight that was from an Orthodox bishop who said that a homosexual relationship/marriage “…is a forgery and death-dealing, sterile…”

The idolization of procreation is a frightful thing among Christians/in Christianity! The teleological goal of any relationship is not procreation. I hate to burst the bubble for those that think kiddos are the absolute end of all marriages, but yeah, they totally aren’t. Procreation, and one’s ability to procreate, is idolized, worshiped, and ultimately misplaced in Christianity.

Anyone who is LGBTQI and in a relationship doesn’t have to procreate! And guess what? Lean in here, so I can whisper it, THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END!

Christians like to think the whole damn world is going to turn gay because people want to get married and share their love. The world is gonna go on! Heterosexuals love sex just as much as LGBTQI people love sex. Babies will be born. Families will be raised (I support LGBTQI helping to raise babies that heterosexuals often neglect and leave behind)! Family is important, but I refuse to accept family as it has been defined in our post-industrial, 1950s, American “Tradition!” wpid-img_20140718_134910

The world isn’t going to end because some people, gay or straight, can’t (or in my case won’t) have children. Can we take procreation down off its unworthy pedestal now, please? Share the love, people!

The meaning of sexual reproduction among higher organisms therefore through mutual desire and love brings into being a greater range of meaning and significance than the singular, instinctual purpose of propagation, but rather the same mystery that unites Christ to his bride, the Church, which is love.” –Eric Simpson 

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