Bullets Are Actually Hardened Tears (Embracing Your Inner Girl, Masculinity, and Vulnerability)

eve-enslerAn amazing quote from a TED Talk by Eve Ensler called “Embracing Your Inner Girl” (please watch it):

I know that we have systematically annihilated the girl cell. And I want to say we’ve annihilated it in men as well as in women. And I think in some ways we’ve been much harsher to men in the annihilation of their girl cell. I see how boys have been brought up, and I see this across the planet: to be tough, to be hardened, to distance themselves from their tenderness, to not cry. I actually realized once in Kosovo, when I watched a man break down, that bullets are actually hardened tears, that when we don’t allow men to have their girl self and have their vulnerability, and have their compassion, and have their hearts, that they become hardened and hurtful and violent.

And I think we have taught men to be secure when they are insecure, to pretend they know things when they don’t know things, or why would we be where we are? To pretend they’re not a mess when they are a mess.” -Eve Ensler “Embrace Your Inner Girl”

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