Pope Francis is my Pope or (My First Among Equals)

PopeFrancis_coverphotoPope Francis is a hero of mine, a role model, an inspiration, and a shepherd! I’m not Catholic (yet), but he makes me wanna be Catholic!

He is the most holy and humble man I have ever seen, read about, followed, listened to, and admired. More so than any man or clergy in the Orthodox Church I’m sad to say; not to say there isn’t good clergy there, but they’ve only inspired me mentally not spiritually like Pope Francis!

Pope Francis radiates Jesus to me in a way no one ever has; Orthodox or not. If I could kiss his blessing hand and ask him to bless me I would. I really would!

The man just shines of Jesus’ love in a way I’ve never seen and probably never will see. I know I could confess my darkest sins and deepest secrets to this Pope and he would absolve me without judgment, shame, or hatred. He would listen to me without an agenda. He would guide me, teach me, lead me, and help me. He would see himself as a fellow Christian on the narrow road with me who is working out his salvation along side me despite his high position.

He is a man who I’d call Father and that would accept me as is, pray for me, love me, and guide me. I truly admire and love this man of God and would be pleased just to touch his cassock as he walked by me…

Pray for me, Pope Francis and your patron St. Francis of Assisi. May God bless your papacy and ministry!

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