Exiles Who Exist as an Alternative Society (Mini-Blog #8)

hbkI’m sure most people have seen the picture of the poor Syrian boy found dead on that beach (if not it is the one here in the blog). I feel if Christians put just half the effort we do into being the sexuality police and fighting the gays into fighting poverty and things like violence in Syria, which our government has a hand in, that we would accomplish some headway in those areas. We have lost the cultural war; time to move onto things like poverty (something the New Testament speaks of more than it does sexual ethics), hunger, violence, sex trafficking, urban decay, racism, materialism, consumerism, and homelessness.

This is post-Christian (I question if it was ever “Christian” to begin with) America, and it is time to realize that Christianity is not the primary political force the Religious Right tried to make it. Christianity isn’t a political party, platform, or tool to run society, culture, and government.

We are not called as Christians to set up a culture, society, and government that is ran by us and our beliefs, values, and opinions. There isn’t a Scripture in the entire Bible that supports this notion that that is what we’re meant to be doing. Not a single one! Sure, use your rights as an American citizen to influence and vote. No wrong there. However, as Christians we cannot use “power over” people and our attempts at that have failed, which they should have. We must use humble, sincere approach of “serving under” all of society.

We are here to create, just like the early Christians did, an alternative community, set apart from the world, that is Eucharistic and found upon the Biblical principles, values, beliefs, and morals we love and have found.

It’s time to put away this childish idea we have as Christians in this country that we can dictate the culture, government, and culture. No! We are to come under it all as servants to love, feed, visit, help, love, and share Christ with it as a holy nation, a royal priesthood, that is in the world, but not of it for as my friend Josh once said we are, “exiles who exist as an alternative society.”

My hope and prayer is that we can re-image ourselves in society as sojourners and exiles.  Let’s change our culture, not by fighting ethical battles through legislation, but through our contagious ethic of love that we display among ourselves and for our neighbor.  Transformation in our surrounding culture will come when they encounter the presence of a living Christ, not our boycotts.” -Josh Ratliff

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