You Can’t Force ‘Gay Marriage’ on Straight People (Mini-Blog #7)

3569299938_152d5e056e_b-998x663I’ve heard people say it is hypocritical for the government and the LGBT community to condemn the KY clerk of pushing her views on them via her government job while they have been pushing their views on society at large for decades. This is inaccurate.

You can’t force gay marriage on people who aren’t 1) gay or 2) don’t want to be gay married. The LGBT community has not forced anything on anyone. They have not pushed a morality on anyone. They have not forced a religion on anyone.

They have fought within a secular society and government that has become a principled pluralistic culture for the rights that they deserve to have within the defining structures.

This talk of pushing something on someone from their end is false and misleading! They simply want civil rights that protect their unions just like heterosexuals. Heterosexual people may still get married. They can marry who they want in any church or religion they want. They are not being forced to marry gay people as pastors or ministers. They are not being forced into homosexual relationships against their own will.

This is simply rhetoric dressed in “morality and religion” to bash the LGBT community and the work they have done to earn their civil rights as couples in a society that isn’t ruled by one faith or one particular religion.

And I fully support their rights and have in no way felt they have pushed anything on me or down my throat. It simply is not the case.

End rant.

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