Tell Me, Do You Hear and See It Too?


While sitting on buddy’s back porch watching the sun slowly disappear and the night envelope the beautiful Appalachian hills with their choir of crikets and critters, I’m plagued to be of the existential and introspective persuasion of life. In Existentialism, there are 4 dimensions; two of which are umwelt (how we experience life and ourselves in the natural world, in nature) and the uberwelt (how we experience our spirituality in and with the world, one another, and the Creator).

As I sit here tonight in nature’s symphony of color and sound, I can’t help but think that the umwelt and uberwelt are correlated somehow. I sit here in peace with the nature around me in unity and peace and think that we are supposed to me at one with nature and one another spiritually. That nature, despite falling to our own corruption as fagile, marred creatures, still is at peace and unity with its Creator.

Why aren’t with the world and our Creator and one another? We bring death and destruction to one another, murder, lie, deceive, and hurt one another! As I sit here pondering my existential angst, I can’t help but feel out of harmony with myself, with you, with humanity, with nature, and with God.

There’s a “at oneness” I feel deep in my bones is messing.


Go outside to look and to listen.

Tell me, do you hear and see it too?

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