God is Good and Loves Mankind (The Homily for my Mommy’s Funeral)


On Tuesday, July 28th, my mommy reposed in the Lord. Through her very own prayers for me and that of all the Saints and the Theotokos, I was able to preach/speak the following homily/thoughts for and about her:

In Orthodoxy, we have what I believe to be a core statement to our theology, “God is a good God who loves mankind!” The primary disposition of God towards us is that of love and love alone!

In the end of all our lives and throughout them, we have our wounds and our wounds drag us down and make living hard. We have to navigate love and life through the wounds we encounter and create. We all do bad things and make bad decisions in life. We live from a place of unhealed wounds.

My mother was no different! She made her mistakes, but in the end she lived and loved from her wounds best she could. I firmly believe the good she did outweighs the bad. I hope my good will do that too.

Her wounds are now being fully healed by Jesus. God is good and loves us. She’s being consumed by overwheling grace, love, and light. Her sorrows and hurts know peace and love. He forgives and restores.

My mother taught me what it’s like to love like Jesus.

No judgment.

No holding back.

No harshness.

No regrets.

No malice.

No pain.

No selfishness.

My mother would give the clothes off her back to help someone. She loved us so much. She didn’t always do a good job, but I never doubted her love for us and for all she met. I have found empathy with her in the last year or so exploring my own shame, sins, and wounds.

If I can forgive her and love her God can too! For He’s good and loves us. He sweeps away the bad in the river of redemption found in His blood!

She truly did the best she could with what she had I feel, and that’s all a parent can do!

Her memory will and shall be eternal.

Rest in peace, mommy, and enjoy the Light of Christ.

+In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. +

Let no one grieve at his poverty, for the universal kingdom has been revealed. Let no one mourn that he has fallen again and again; for forgiveness has risen from the grave. Let no one fear death, for the Death of our Savior has set us free. He has destroyed it by enduring it.

He destroyed Hades when He descended into it. He put it into an uproar even as it tasted of His flesh. Isaiah foretold this when he said, ‘You, O Hell, have been troubled by encountering Him below.’

Hell was in an uproar because it was done away with. It was in an uproar because it is mocked. It was in an uproar, for it is destroyed. It is in an uproar, for it is annihilated. It is in an uproar, for it is now made captive. Hell took a body, and discovered God. It took earth, and encountered Heaven. It took what it saw, and was overcome by what it did not see.

O death, where is thy sting? O Hades, where is thy victory?
Christ is Risen, and you, O death, are annihilated! Christ is Risen, and the evil ones are cast down! Christ is Risen, and the angels rejoice! Christ is Risen, and life is liberated! Christ is Risen, and the tomb is emptied of its dead; for Christ having risen from the dead, is become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

To Him be all glory and power forever and ever. Amen.”

-St. John Chrysostom “Easter Homily”

2 thoughts on “God is Good and Loves Mankind (The Homily for my Mommy’s Funeral)

  1. This was a beautiful service.She would have loved it and would have enjoyedeveryone there.You did a wonderful homily to her and I am so proud of you.You are awonderful son and I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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