May God Damn Shame! (Shamefessional #6)

I’ve spent several months studying shame and exploring my own. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that my own family tree is full of shame-based behavior and that many others’ are too!

Shame is something that we use so many things to try to fix it; often unhealthy things. I firmly believe it is the root of many negative and detrimental behaviors from addictions to bad emotions!

Shame tells us, “You are worthless, unforgivable, useless, and not worthy of love!” To hide that voice, many turn to substances. Some lash out in angry. Some turn inward with self-hatred and depression.

I fight my own battles with these demon with shame, and I firmly say, “Goddamn shame!!!” LITERALLY! I hope He damns it to Hell!

Shame lies at the root and heart of humanity’s existential crisis. It drives a wedge between us and God as well as between one another. I abhor this emotion and state of non-existence (for shame drives us to a place of non-being)! I cant help but hope God damns it mainly because I believe He already has.

Shame entangles and ensnares us into a state of “our own personal Hell!” It sinks it’s teeth so deeply into our being that it seeks to destroy us and wipe is out!

However, I know that shame can be defeated! It can be damned! I’m not sure just how yet, but it involves embracing it, accepting it, knowing it, and bringing it down with empathy, compassion for ourselves, vulnerability, not blowing our own emotions out of proportion, and realizing our shared humanity while being able to speak, own, and share our own shame with those worthy to hear our stories!

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