Faith is Experience or (Experiencing Faith for Yourself)


The tendency to equate faith with doctrine, and then argue terminology and concepts, distracts us from what faith is actually about. Faith is not a commodity we either have or don’t have– it is an inner quality that unfolds as we learn to trust our own deepest experience!” -Dr. Sharon Salzberg. “Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience”

Orthodox folks, as well as many non-Orthodox folks, tend to think they got the market in doctrine, experience, and God cornered. When I was chrismated under false pretenses I felt the same. I get it. I do. The self-righteousness is blinding until true experiences smack the holy, self-righteous shit out of you!

I’m coming out of such exclusive, patriarchal, narrow-mindedness towards faith, theology, life, and experience thanks be to God despite my appreciation for a few maintained Orthodox beliefs that I hold.

Men try to take God and put Him in these pre-conceived boxes they make up in order to control, dictate, and manipulate the rest of humanity.

I’ve always thought outside these boxes! In fact, for me I’ve questioned the existence of such boxes.

You should too! Anyone that maintains that you have to find, discover, experience, or see God in their terms is lying to you. They’ve taken God and fashioned Him into their box-like image. Beware of such people!

God is everywhere all the time. Not in one denomination, in one church, in one chalice, or one place.

Tradition is great, but also misleading if it’s worshipped. Seek God and you shall find He is everywhere, but most of all within yourself! That’s where you should begin! Not with Tradition, Church, denominations, or men’s ideas of God. Lean into your own experiences and discover the spiritual realm for yourself.

God awaits your discovery of who He is and what He is doing in your life! Venture forth and see what awaits!

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