Reflections on Gender Dysphoria and Caitlyn Jenner

jennerI wanted to offer some positive, fair, nuanced, insights on the recent social spotlight of Caitlyn Jenner:

When it comes to Gender Dysphoria, I don’t really have any one set-in-stone view because I haven’t fully been educated just yet on the topic. I’m not sure where I stand on sex/gender reassignment to be quite honest. Biology, I feel, can’t be changed no matter what surgeries we have, so I’m the hardlining moderate because my libertarian ideal of “live and let live” guides my stances on social issues 9 times out of 10 (the 10th being abortion, which I oppose).

As a counselor, I will be held responsible for the care and well-being of all clients including those struggling with this dysphoria. And I shall do so. Again, though, I struggle with the surgical side of this.

As a part of humanity, I question the sanity of these types of views and if they do more harm then good.

In counseling, we’ve learned that there’s a difference between sex and Gender. Gender you can change. Sex is biological. And I question if sex can be changed. Should we change it? Why should we change it? Can biology inherently even be ontologically changed? Won’t a person born a man who changes sex and gender to a woman still always ontologically be a man? And vice versa? It may be because I’m ignorant on the matter, but I feel these are questions that must be asked and civilly discussed with love, compassion, and respect.

I also don’t condone the negativity and hate shown about it either. I find both sides to be fanatical and blinded by vitriol and emotionalism. Dysphoria is a serious matter that can’t be approached like that. There has been so many hateful things said by those in either side of this via social media.

How we view this aside, isn’t it best we educate ourselves about the issues and complexities of this? Isn’t it best to speak compassionately about it in order to educate one another about people who have deep hurt and confusion about themselves? Isn’t it best not to judge, but to seek to understand?

I honestly don’t know where I stand, but I know I want to stand with love, mercy, grace, empathy, understanding, and peace when it comes to discussing this issue and how we treat it and those its about.

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