My Life Role Circles

Grad school is totally fun! We got to color and draw in class this weekend (granted it was a practical exercise)! This is for an exercise called Life Role Circles. The exercise is to draw circles of the roles you play and what they mean. For me the size of the circle was to reflect how much time I spent with it. You can do this to see how you spend your time, what is most important to you, and what you see as your primary role in life at the current moment. These are my circles, which are bigger the more time consuming they are:


Dark Green intercepted with Purple: grad student/aspiring therapist. These are my two most time consuming and most important life roles. Note the Dark Green symbolizes how they take time away from the other circles.

Yellow: son, brother, and uncle. Family is the 3rd largest!

Brown: being ever mindful and aware of my being a person of worth in God’s image.

Blue: Old Navy (called Old Slavery because retail is like slavery)! Gotta make money!

Light Purple: being a friend and spending time fostering friendships.

Violet (next to therapist circle): recovering shame-oholic. Dealing with and working through my shame is a must-do for me!

Gray: being a frustrated Existentialist! Let’s face it, I like to sit around wrestling with the meaning of life. It consumes ALOT of my time and thoughts!

Orange: Orthodoxy. Ain’t got that much time for it yet, but it isn’t entirely ignored just yet…

Light Green (smallest circle): being divorced and single. Yeah, not a whole lot of action in the Love Department.

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