Come Stand with Rand or (New Leadership, New Vision, and a New Movement)


For the last 7 years, I’ve met a lot of young folks, my peers, Millennials mainly, with whom I’ve shared many political conversations and ideas. There’s a vibrant passion to see a more Libertarian side of the Republican party, a New Republican party.

We share a common vision of:
-smaller government
-fiscal responsibility
-ending the war on drugs
-legalizing marijuana
-implementing a more non-interventionist foreign policy with a strong national defense

-treating minorities with better rights
-ending jail time for non-violent crimes

-balancing the budget
-getting government out of our bedrooms

-lowering taxes,
-ending the Patriot Act
-protecting civil liberties
-ending wars
-restoring prosperity
-ending foreign aid
-auditing the Fed
-giving Congress term limits
-making government smaller and accountable

There’s much to be said about other things we share, agree on, or want to see happen in our government. We are tired of the BS that Washington continually cranks out. We want to see government change.

The youth in this country, people 35 and under, in my humble experience and opinion, are liberty-minded, completely fed up with our government is operating, have a big Libertarian leaning, and just want to see America return to being strong and prosperous!

Right now, the current GOP Establishment doesn’t want the things we want. Those in leadership, and their peers over 55 who continually vote for their failed policies, do not want to listen or see things change as those of us do. The older generations (generally speaking) will vote for any phoney the party nominates just because that’s who the party nominated. This is clearly not working. Their policies are clearly not working.

However, although I’m a Libertarian Independent, I long to see the GOP change because we have to deal with a two party system; reform from within the GOP is the best option. That is why I’m gladly supporting Rand Paul as the Republican nominee for President in 2016. I don’t agree eye-to-eye with him, but the best course of action for our country I feel is a Paul Presidency and a New Republican party. One that is reformed around core values I’ve mentioned, informed by the Constitution, and ready to bring a truly new direction and change to America.

I will gladly share my political views. Many in my generation do, and we’ve learned to do so with civility and grace. I don’t intend to spend this election season by making pointless arguments or debates in Facebook. I’ll share my passion, love, and knowledge of course. My challenge to you is to get out there and study the issues, get involved, be heard, and support these common American values with us. The GOP of yesteryear is dying. Slowly, but surely. Those leaders with the failed policies will be on the way out. The youth are rising to take leadership now. It is our turn to speak and be advocates for our cause. Let your voice be heard! Come be a part of new leadership, new vision, and a new movement! Come and stand with us! Stand with Rand!


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