A Line in the Sand: Short Reflections on Worship


The substitute for Christianity in America, I’m thoroughly convinced, takes its cues for worship from Hollywood, pop music, and Secularism. Chrisrians shouldn’t look to culture, Hollywood, pop music, or Secualrism for it’s doctrines of worship while ignoring Scripture, Church History, and the way Christians have historically worshipped.

“Lex orandi, lex credendi”-the law of praying is the law of believing. How we worship, where we get the cues for worship, and what we do with worship states how we believe. This is the flaw we see with much of the entertainment-driven “worship model”. It comes from a flawed starting point. Christians pushing this model have the flawed thinking that worship should be an evangelical tool dressed attractively to draw in those who would otherwise wouldn’t go to a worship service. 

What this flawed thinking does is take worship off God and puts it in man. It elevates “preference” thus elevating the Ego. 

Biblically speaking, worship is to be centered on God not on preference, not on attracting others to come to a service, and not to be used as an evangelical tool. Worship is biblically meant for the edification of the Body and to the glory of God not for the tickling of the ears of those who want an approach they can “relate to”, “get something from”, or “get a feeling from”. 

There has to be a line in the sand with worship. There must be a massive re-evaluation of how Christians worship in this country. Along with a massive reorientation towards God and glorifying Him not man.

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