Do Hard Things


Reflecting on how many years ago at My. Mission how the Beerys took us Parker 4 boys to Alex and Brett Harris’ “Rebelution” event, which was based on their book “Do Hard Things”. It’s a book about fighting low expectations by what I recall of it. It was challenging at the time, but I was reflecting on some hard things I’ve done: 

-Got my act together to graduate high school even if I was two years late and an underachiever. 

-Began my college career. 

-Worked through an existential crisis of faith (the first of many).

-Began to question long held Protestant (Baptocostal) beliefs and doctrines and presuppositions. Under the scrutiny of Classical Christianity, they simply didn’t hold much water. It was scary, but mentally and spiritually rewarding. 

-Wrestled with what to major in during my sophomore year. It was hard to decide and is still a decision that haunts me. 

-Got married. Marriage ain’t a breeze in the park especially when you fight through and survive a separation. Tough, but we made it out alive. 

-Wrestled with whether or not to join the Eastern Orthodox Church. Admittedly, I wanted to, but my wife had connections to the Episcopal Church she had to let go of. So we wrestled with the decision. 

-Becoming Orthodox. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve done. Remaining Orthodox and being faithful is even harder. Orthodoxy is a rigorous spiritual Tradition. It demands humility and a lot of self-reflection and exploration. It shows you who you really are meant to be but how far you are from it. But by God’s grace there is the Divine Mysteries, especially Confession and the Eucharist. It’s hard learning to live Eucharistically, but there’s Grace. 

-Graduated with my B.S. in Bible and Preaching/Church Leadership and became the first to earn a college degree. 

-Learned and sought help recently for ADHD. In fact, I meet with a therapist tomorrow and will hopefully get insurance to help with this. The hard part is accepting how I’ve had this for so long, and no one ever caught it. So begins the long, emotional coping with this learning disorders and how it effects my life, career, and relationships.

-Had to let people out of my life recently who brought me down more than they ever lifted me up. Some relationships go as far as they can. Life moves on. One has to let go at some point.

-And this fall I begin a M.S. in School Counseling at Carson Newman University. It won’t be easier either, but it will be rewarding and worth it.

These are but a few of the hard things I recall and contemplate on. Don’t set low expectations for yourself or run from the hard things in life. Face them head on. Life ain’t easy. It never will be.

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