The Whole World is Orthodox


Some folks use the term non-Orthodox to refer to Christians not part of the Orthodox Catholic Church or maybe folks who aren’t believers in general for which there’s also the term non-Christian. However, I ask you are there really such people as “non-Orthodox” and “non-Christian”? As one professing to be Orthodox Christian, I’m inclined to think and feel that these terms are misleading and somewhat condescending.

We believe that Orthodoxy is the Faith that established the universe. All of creation is Orthodox, which at its heart means “right glory” and/or “right worship”. This makes Adam and Eve Orthodox. They were priests and stewards over all creation, taking what God had gave and offering it back to Him in praise and thanksgiving.

I like to jokingly say that everyone is Orthodox they simply may not be aware of it just yet. They haven’t awakened to the gift of salvation in Christ who showed us what it meant to be truly human, truly Orthodox. Of course those Christians not part of Orthodoxy are, in my take, Orthodox, but haven’t awakened to the need to be united to the one true, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which I believe to be the Orthodox Catholic Church. Now, that to me is not condescending, but a polite more nuanced view than simply calling other Christians “non-Orthodox”.

Ontologically there can be no non-Orthodox. We are all Orthodox, but we fell from our right state of being. We lost our way. We took that for which we couldn’t offer thanks. We ceased living Eucharistically. We see in Christ what it means to be human again, to be Orthodox in a truly existential and ontological sense.  We’re all on a journey to rediscover our Orthodoxy, to get back to Eden. What better place than the Orthodox Church with Her Divine Mysteries given to us by God as tangible means of knowing His grace and receiving it?

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