Gateway Drug (An Invite)


“I consider Anglicanism to be the gateway drug to either Rome or Constantinople.” – Andy McGehee

Beware, kids, sipping on Anglicanism, dabbling in the Caroline Divines, and hanging with Canterbury may very well lead to more serious cravings of ancient Christianity, deep asceticism, and gorgeous liturgy. 

A sniff of incense can trigger wild impulses for the Divine. A chant will echo in your heart after just one listen, leaving behind a longing for heavenly serenades. 

Beware of the Church Fathers and their deep theological writings which sink their talons into your mind and heart. 

Watch out for the monastics and their burning love for God which will leave you wanting a taste of the Kingdom they’ve experienced.

Beware of gazing or contemplating upon an icon for once you look through a window to heaven you’ll want to see more.

Beware the Liturgy, which is the unfolding of heaven here and now.

If you are Anglican, Protestant, atheist, agnostic, religious, non-religious, undeclared evangelical, Evangelical, or whatever, I invite you to partake of the bewares. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good, my friends. This has been a satirical piece, but I’m sincere in my invitation for you to come visit your local Orthodox Church for Divine Liturgy.

Come and see the Faith that established the universe.

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