A brief personal confession of faith

Right on! The God of life in death, of strength through weakness.

Eclectic Orthodoxy


Why would an intelligent, rational person believe in God? Put aside Aquinas’s Five Ways or the popular arguments from design (which I rarely invoke). Why believe? Because LIFE is bigger than all of our rationalistic constructions. Life does not permit us to only commit ourselves to matters about which we can rationally prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Life doesn’t permit us to live only on probabilities.

I had a 32 year old son. He was brilliant, a genius. He graduated college with a dual major in physics and philosophy. He was given a teaching assistantship to get his Ph.D. in analytic philosophy. He was a whiz at mathematics and symbolic logic. For whatever reasons he adopted the kind of rationality that is popular among the new atheists. He too would not accept the existence of God, much less the existence of a God of absolute love and mercy who would…

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